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How to book Villa Grand Piton

Where to book

We accept bookings directly from our website and through Vrbo and AirBnB.   Terms and conditions and pricing vary by site.  Please shop around and decide which platform is best for you before submitting a booking request as we don’t accept a direct booking if you’ve contacted us elsewhere first . 

Direct booking policies

We require a 50% deposit to hold your booking and the remainder is due 60 days before check-in.  The cancellation policy is a full refund less a 6% fee if you cancel at least 60 days prior to check-in date, and we charge a $500 refundable security deposit.  Please read our contract for all terms.

Check availability

Select an available check-in date (dates without a bar through them) and the available check-out dates will be shown. We have minimum-stay requirements that vary throughout the year, so the earliest available check-out date will be filled in.

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The rates shown below are good for up to six people.  Some dates have specials for two people; use the “Request Booking” button and enter “2” as the number of guests to see if there is a special rate. 

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