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Book your stay at Villa Grand Piton

We accept bookings directly (this page) and through Vrbo and AirBnB.   Terms and conditions and pricing vary by site, so shop around and decide which platform is best for you.  If you inquire or book through Vrbo, we will not accept a direct booking from you for the same dates.  And don’t worry – you’ll be able to read and sign the contract before making a payment when you book here.

Please read this before you book

* The villa’s open-air design is great for ventilation but means air conditioners aren’t very effective, sounds will carry and things from outside will get inside. We have mitigation measures but nothing is 100% perfect.

* The villa is staffed around the clock. Only the housekeeper (Doxie) is inside for any significant portion of time. Her hours are typically 9 AM to late afternoon.  You may ask her to arrive a little later, or to be outside except when she has to be inside to do her job or cook.

If your party includes children under five years old, contact us for important safety information.