Villa Grand Piton


Radio station

A great place for a DXpedition

No sacrifices required!

Villa Grand Piton is the best of both worlds – you and your family and friends can have an unforgettable vacation and YOU can be in a pileup or casually contest.
This is a single or multi-operator, single radio/contest station (it cannot be used for multi-operator multi-radio contests), with excellent propagation to all parts of the world. The placement of the villa near the top of the mountain ensures plenty of activity and contacts!
To make it easy on you, we can gather your information and have your J6 license prepared for you when you arrive at the villa (a nominal fee applies). Please allow six months for this process – things don’t move quickly in the Caribbean.
The radio station is only available for rent along with the rental of Villa Grand Piton as the equipment is inside the house. We are progressing on the construction of a stand-alone radio building so the rest of the party is not disturbed (target completion date: sometime in 2022).

Inquire for radio rates and reservations

the radios

• Elecraft K3, new, fully-loaded, “every option”
• Second receiver
• Filters at 6.0, 2.1, 1.8, and 0.4 kHz filters both receivers
• 100 watt module
• Precision clock module
• Voice keyer
• Internal two position RF antenna preamp
• 2 meter module
• Separate receive antenna input selection
• P3 scope, P3TXMON option and 24 inch outboard SVGA monitor
• USB (and internet) connection
• KPA500 500 watt amplifier
• SP3 matching speaker
• Solid state 2.5kW amplifier for 160-6 meters
• Solid state 1.2kW amplifier for 2 meters
• Beacon transmitters for 10, 6, and 2 meters (100 watt, 10 watt, 1, watt increments). Beacons are off when the band is in use

the antennas

• A 60 foot Rohn 55G tower, base positioned 650 feet directly above the ocean
• Dipole at fifty-five feet for 160 meters
• Dipole at fifty-five feet for 80 meters
• Quarter wave vertical for 80 meters with elevated radials
• Steppir DB42 antenna three elements on 30/40 meters, five elements on 20/17/15/12/10 meters, and eight elements on 6 meters, integrated SDA100 controller.
• M-Squared 18XXX eighteen element yagi at sixty-eight feet for 2 meters (36.5 foot boom)
• M-Squared RC2800 rotor and RC-21 Green Heron rotor controller with USB connection
• Directional DX Engineering 4-square receive antenna system for 160 and 80 meters with a phaser and offset antenna for noise null
• Automatic antenna switch for HF & 6 meters with a separate feedline for 2 meters
• Verticals for the 10 and 6 meter beacons
• Eight 5 element Directive Systems phased yagis for the 2 meter beacon

other items provided

• Twelve-volt, thirty-amp power supplies with several spares
• Custom automatic antenna switching keyed to band switching on the radio. The correct antenna is always automatically selected
• A MicroKEYER II for RTTY, CW, SSB, and sequencing operations
• Beacons. The beacons are active only on demand, and are perfect for determining propagation paths and openings
• The J68HZ CW/RTTY and WSJT on-island skimmers; the feed is available at the radio operating position via the internet
• Generic keyer paddle
• Twenty-four inch Monitor, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, and 4 GHZ quad-core Dell computer with N1MM+, MTTY, and internet access
• Simple manual with station operating instructions

what you need to bring

• Headphone-microphone to operate voice modes
• Your key paddle if you would rather use yours
• Thumb drive to take your log home
• Your patience… as YOU are now the DX in very large pile-ups!

Inquire for radio rates and reservations