Who said you can't have it all?

Unbelievably-beautiful views

Serene and elegant villa

Lots of amenities and extras

Great location

Helpful staff

A serene, spacious, and stylish vacation rental

Click the icons for what open-air and handicapped-friendly mean

✦  Three bedrooms; ensuite bathrooms
✦   Four queen beds
✦   Sleeps six

✦   Large outdoor deck
✦   15-by-20-foot pool
✦   Covered gazebo

✦  “Open-air” design

✦  Handicapped “friendly”

Handicapped "friendly" means: the parking area, house and gazebo are on the same level; walkways and doorways are wide; and there are only three steps down to the pool from the house or gazebo.

✦   WiFi/Alexa/Netflix

✦ Three bedrooms
✦ Ensuite bathrooms
✦ Four queen beds
✦ Sleeps six
✦ Large outdoor deck
✦ 15-by-20-foot pool
✦ Covered gazebo
✦ WiFi/Alexa/Netflix

✦ “Open-air” design


Open-air houses are designed for air flow: no glass over windows, interior walls may not go to the ceiling, and some are missing a wall entirely! Many tropical houses and resorts are built in this open style.
Our home has all four walls and heavy louvers and screens over the windows.
Insects can get in and sound can carry, so we have mitigation measures: mosquito traps/spraying and radios and TVs for "cover-up" noise.

✦ Handicapped “friendly”

Handicapped "friendly" means: the parking area, house and gazebo are on the same level; walkways and doorways are wide; and there are only three steps down to the pool from the house or gazebo.

Unbelievably-beautiful views

Serene mornings

Sunny afternoons

Stunning sunsets

Dramatic dusk

The back deck

Sparkling pool

✦ 15 feet by 20 feet
✦ 3 to 6 feet deep
✦ Six comfortable chaise lounges
✦ “Unsinkable” foam floats
✦ Umbrella for shade
✦ Two side tables

Spacious back deck

✦ 1000 square feet deck/pool
✦ Three-step access to pool deck from back deck or gazebo
✦ Large stainless propane grill
✦ Beautiful bougainvillea
✦ Sturdy concrete railing

Covered gazebo

✦ Teak table easily seats six
✦ Six comfortable chairs
✦ Console side table for food
✦ Shaded for much of the day
✦ Incredible views: Pitons, Caribbean, sunsets

Three bedroom suites

Master Suite

Piton Suite

Forest Suite

✦ Four queen beds with pillowtop mattresses
✦ Large TVs with FireTV sticks and Bluray players
✦ New flooring in 2023
✦ Ceiling fans, high-speed standing fans, and bed fans in each bedroom
✦ Hotel-type safes in each bedroom

✦ Air-conditioners positioned to blow cool air on bed*
✦ En-suite bathrooms for each bedroom
✦ Double doors to the back in both the Master and Piton suites

*Due to the open-air architecture of the villa, the air conditioners cannot cool the room much.

Kitchen; Living Room; other spaces

Large dining table &
well-equipped kitchen

✦   Seating for four at the peninsula and six at the dining table
✦   Refrigerator/freezer
✦   Electric cooktop
✦   Dishwasher
✦   Microwave oven and countertop convection oven
✦   Toaster
✦   Waffle maker and ice cream maker
✦   Coffee maker, espresso/cappuccino maker, and French press
✦   Ninja blender and “Magic Bullet”
✦   Full range of pots and pans
✦   Bone-china dishes and real crystal wineglasses

Stylish living room

✦   Open, airy and spacious
✦  Soaring wood ceilings
✦  4 double doors to the back
✦  Doors dead-bolt into the floors and frame
✦  Adjustable heavy wood shutters
✦  Desk with power strip/USB

TV room

✦  New sectional and chairs
✦  New flooring in 2023
✦  Large flat-screen HDTV
✦  Surround-sound system
✦  Amazon Prime video, Netflix, cable TV
✦  Large movie (BluRay/DVD) library
✦  Board games and cards

Study/Exercise area

✦  Book library
✦  Reading nook
✦  Computer
✦  Printer
✦  Video game console
✦  Exercise bike
✦  Exercise mat
✦  Balance ball

Spacious and serene

✦ Nearly 4000 sq ft interior
✦ 1000 sq ft back deck/gazebo
✦ Large bedrooms (250+ sq ft)
✦  Perched on the ridge of a hill
✦ Surrounded by rainforest
✦  Only one adjacent neighbor
✦  Almost no traffic (dead-end road)

Lots of extras you might not get elsewhere

✦   Washer and dryer
✦   Hotel-style safes in each bedroom
✦   Snorkel gear, including full-face masks and snorkel vests
✦   Beach chairs, bags, umbrellas, towels, blankets
✦   Coolers, reusable ice packs, thermoses, picnic plates and glasses
✦   Secure beach bag for your valuables
✦   Sunglasses and sunhats
✦   Binoculars
✦   Umbrellas and rain jackets (just in case)
✦   USB charging cords and outlets
✦   Bluetooth waterproof speakers for around the pool
✦   Bluetooth speaker with a bottle opener for the beach
✦   Local cellphone for your use (not a smart phone)
✦   Echo Dots with Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited
✦   Desktop computer and printer

Please note that we advertise our extras in good faith, but cannot guarantee everything will be available for your stay due to breakage or loss.  Please contact us prior to your stay to confirm availability of any extra that you require.