EcoEdge Pro User's Guide

  1. Open “Power + Connect” cap on the side of the EcoEdge Pro
  2. Turn on the Main Power Switch
  3. Securely close the cap to keep water out of the speaker
  4. On the Top Panel, press the Standby/Power button to power on the speaker
  5. Search your Bluetooth Connection on your Smart Device
  6. Pair and Play
  7. To charge – open the “Power + Connect” cap and use a USB-C cord.  A full charge is usually around five hours


  1. Toggle through the party light options by pressing the Party Lights button
  2. To lengthen the battery life, turn the party lights off by pressing and holding the Party Light button until the lights turn off
  3. The speaker mode is only used when there are multiple speakers to be paired.  When you power up the speaker with the Standby/Power button, it should say “Speaker Mode”.  If it says “EcoCast Transmitting” or “EcoCast Receiving”, or if you cannot hear music from your paired device even after turning up the volume, toggle through the speaker modes until you hear “Speaker Mode”.