Villa Grand Piton

Help Page

Espresso maker

1) Push the on/off button (Φ).
2) Wait a few moments until the green lights under the cup symbols have stopped flashing and are steady
3) If you are using pre-ground coffee, push the far-right round button with the filled spoon symbol, then open the center section of the top and put ONE tablespoon of ground coffee in the small chute at the front
4) Select the strength by turning the right knob with symbols of two beans at the top note – note, if you select full strength, the coffee may dispense very slowly, in drips
5) Select the volume by turning the left knob with the cup symbols
6) Place your cup(s) under the dispenser nozzles
7) Push the button for one cup or two (select one cup for pre-ground coffee)

For steamed milk:
1) Move the wand to the right/outwards
2) Place the steaming pitcher under the wand and turn the steam on by turning the knob at the upper far-right of the machine a half-turn counter-clockwise (as far as it will go). Let the water/steam mix run until it is just steam, then turn the steam off (turn the knob a half-turn clockwise)
3) Discard the water, and put about one-quarter cup of milk into the container. Immerse the wand in the milk (don’t go higher than the raised line on the wand), and turn the steam on.
4) When finished frothing, turn the steam off.
5) Please clear the steam wand after use: place a container under the wand, and run steam through it for a few seconds to clear out any milk inside and turn the steam off.
6) Tell Doxie you steamed milk and ask her to take apart the frother wand for cleaning soon.


These fans are designed to move room-temperature air between the sheets to remove some of the heat generated by your body.  Adjust the location of the air entry and the speed to make you comfortable. You can move the fan around (bottom or sides of the bed), and/or put it between the top sheet and comforter so the air doesn’t blow directly on your body. We suggest you try a low speed first, increasing it if you want a cooler temperature.

Beach Bag

CODE: 758 (area code of St Lucia)

This is a steel-mesh bag that you can use for your valuables when you are at the beach. Although we’ve not heard of any thefts or slash-and-grab incidents at the local beaches, it never hurts to be on the safe side.
Be sure to lock the bag up to something secure that can’t be easily taken.  Ideally, it’s very large and heavy, or even bolted into the ground. 


Controls are on the top panel.  If the lights are on, turn the dishwasher off by pushing the “off” button (marked ).  Turn on the machine by pushing the “on” button (marked | ) then select a program by repeatedly pushing the program button until the light is lit next to the program you want.  The machine starts automatically when you close it.

Utensils go in the top pullout shelf.

Detergent tabs are under the sink.