De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica

To make espresso:

1. Remove the water tank (to the right when facing the machine), rinse it and fill it with fresh water, never exceeding the MAX line.
2. Replace the water tank, pushing it all the way in.
3. Push the on/off button (circle with the vertical bar).
4. Wait a few moments until the green lights under the cup symbols have stopped flashing and are steady.
5. If you are using pre-ground coffee, push the far-right round button with the filled spoon symbol, then open the center section of the top and put ONE tablespoon of ground coffee in the small chute at the front (it only makes one cup at a time).
6. If you are using beans, make sure you have loaded the bean hopper with beans. Do NOT put water or pre-ground coffee into the bean hopper.
7. Select the strength by turning the right knob with symbols of two beans at the top note – note, if you select full strength, the coffee may dispense very slowly, in drips.
8. Select the liquid volume by turning the left knob with the cup symbols in various levels of fill.
9. Place your cup(s) under the dispenser nozzles.
10. Push the button for one cup or two.

For steamed milk:

1. Move the frother wand to the right/outwards.
2. Place an empty container (the steaming pitcher should be in the top of the upper cabinet nearest the pantry) under the wand and turn the steam on by turning the knob at the upper far-right of the machine a half-turn counter-clockwise (as far as it will go).  Let the water/steam mix run until it is just steam, then turn the steam off (turn the knob a half-turn clockwise)
3. Discard the water, and put about one-quarter cup of milk into the container.  Immerse the wand in the milk (don’t go higher than the raised line on the wand), and turn the steam on.
4. When finished frothing, turn the steam off.
5. Please clear the steam wand after use.  Place a container under the wand, and run steam through it for a few seconds to clear out any milk inside and turn the steam off.
6. Tell Doxie you steamed milk and ask her to take apart the frother wand for cleaning soon.
The cylindrical BlueTooth speakers are for use at the villa and are to be used only with the Echo Dots (we have Amazon Music Unlimited). If you wish to pair your device to a speaker, pair it with the square EcoEdge speaker.
For the following directions, use the names "Mega-0" and "Mega-1" if the cylindrical speakers are light blue.
If they are dark blue, use "Echo-0" and "Echo-1",

To pair the cylindrical speaker to the Echo dot ("Alexa")

After turning Mega-0 (Echo-0) on, push the Bluetooth button on the speaker, let go, then say “Alexa, pair with Mega-0 (Echo-0).” If that does not work, the speaker may not be charged enough, so charge it for an hour then try again.

To pair the cylindrical speakers with each other

For stereo:
After Mega-0 (Echo-0) is connected to the Echo Dot and playing, turn on Mega-1 (Echo-1). Simultaneously push the Bluetooth button and the “+” button on Mega-0 (Echo-0), then press the Bluetooth button twice rapidly on Mega-1 (Echo-1.)

If the speaker squawks at you twice, it means the pairing failed. Try again, but speed up the rate of pushing the Bluetooth button twice.

If the speakers did not pair with each other: ask Kerryus for assistance or go to for instructions on using the UEBoom app to pair them.