St Lucian restaurants offer a wide variety for such a small island!
From food trucks to fine dining, you’re sure to find something you will like.

Taste a little of everything on your stay

Here are some of the restaurants that are fairly near the villa, and a few of our personal favorites in other areas of the island.

Soufriere restaurants

St Lucians typically have their big meal at lunch, and many of the local restaurants are not open for dinner.

The St Lucian area code is 758.  We recommend you call ahead for dinner reservations at most of the “tourist” restaurants, especially during “the season” (mid-December through mid-April).

I know we’ve missed some -places to eat – let me know if you have experience with one I’ve missed and I’ll add it.

Where applicable, icons below are links and will open in a new window if you click on them.

The ratings reflect our personal experiences and take value into account. We hope you have the same or better experience we had, but inconsistency is standard in most St Lucian restaurants!

"Eat like a local" in Soufriere

In St Lucia, the main meal is lunch and most of these restaurants are lunch-only, although you may be able to arrange a dinner in advance by calling. Curry and creole are the main influences on local cooking.

3Beez    713-2166

Soufriere beach park
Local Cooking     $-$$

Local food on the beach. Their Facebook page usually has their menu for the day - usually two mains and a hanful of sides. We have not tried them yet.

The Beacon    286-9659

Just north of Soufriere on the main highway
Local Cooking - Buffet     $$

Lunch only. Decent food, great views. After lunch, wander through the nearby Marantha Prayer Garden.

Big Yard    429-9772

Bridge Street, Soufriere
Caribbean Grill     $

Local food. Open for lunch and dinner. Lunch was around $12 US per person when we ate there in early 2022. It was OK, especially considering the price, but the BBQ chicken was dry.

Cacoa Sainte Lucie    459-4401

Canaries - about a 20-minute drive north
Local food using cocoa in many dishes    $$

We've only eaten here once (just soup and salad). It was quite nice so we'll try it again soon. Their chocolates are wonderful and we had a blast at their Bean-to-Bar class. Their Facebook page says Sunday lunch is under $20US per person. Closed Saturdays.

The Container Bar & Grill    722-1302

Sir Arthur Lewis Street, near the large Massy grocery store
Local food   $-$$

Small local place that has some good reviews on Tripadvisor mentioning good food and very reasonable prices. We haven't tried it yet but plan to try it soon.

Com Luk Yah    286-1068

La Haut Resort, Soufriere
Unknown    $$?

Nice views there (but not better than ours). There's not much about the restaurant online and we haven't eaten there yet.

The Dream    487-0032

Bridge Street, Soufriere
Bar and Grill    $

Limited menu of bar-type food (wings, fries, etc.) We had a late-afternoon Piton and snacks here and the food was fine and inexpensive.

Fedo's    459-5220

New Development, Soufriere
Caribbean "Home" Cooking    $

Lunch only. Our experience: good local food, great value and experience. Schooldays the children come here for lunch

Hippo's Pizza    723-6006

Henry Belmar St (by the square)
Carryout Pizza     $ to $$

Large pizzas around $15-$20 US. We've been there and it satisfied our pizza craving, but Doxie makes pizzas that are better.

Island Chef  723-2972

At the back of the Soufriere bus terminal
Local food   $$

Excellent local food with seating on the beach. Two options - one vegan ($25US), one pescatarian ($35US). Prices noted were for dinner in January 2024. Call for dinner reservations.

Marie's Local Cuisine 723-5466

Near Diamond Botanical Gardens
Caribbean, Lunch Buffet     $

True local cuisine. Call ahead to check if they are open.

Martha's Tables    459-7270

Jalousie Road, near the entrance to Sugar Beach resort
St Lucian home cooking    $$ to $$$

Lunch only, and not always open. Call first. Excellent local food. Priced a bit higher than other local restaurants, but the meals are large and delicious.

Michael's @ Jen Mwen    725-9000

Maurice Mason Street (beachside in Soufriere)
Local food and pizza    $ to $$

No atmosphere, but a great place for a meal that's pretty good and is a great value. Recently (Sep '23) had fried chicken, fries, a very small salad and a mixed drink for under $15US. Local food, pizza, pasta, burgers.

Pounty's Pizza

Bridge Street, Soufriere
Pizza    $

Gets good reviews on Tripadvisor but it may have moved. Ask Doxie.

Seashells    459-7620

At the bottom of the hill from us just before you reach the main highway
Caribbean    $$-$$$

Decent local food. Good choice when you don't feel like spending a fortune. We really enjoyed the pot fish (it's redfish, not red snapper), the creole/curry chicken and the ribs.

Shopper's Choice    457-1676

About 3 blocks past the fire station on the way to the soccer field
Just fried chicken and bakery items     ¢¢

Ask Kerryus for the best time to go here (when the chicken comes out of the fryer). Chicken is $2EC (about 75 cents US) per piece. Three to four pieces, some of their "pan" bread and a couple of Pitons makes a cheap and tasty dinner!

Ti Tak Cafe    459-5245

32 Bridge Street (near the square), Soufriere
Bar, snacks, coffee    $

Adjacent to the Ti Tak souvenir shop. We haven't been there, but it looks inviting and I hope to try it soon

Voila! by Captain Kent

Sir Darnley Alexander Street, near Police station
Local food and wine. Has A/C     $$

New restaurant with focus on wine and local food done very well and presented nicely. Reasonably priced (mixed drink, salad, pork chops and fries for $30US) and a decent burger at a fair price (around $16US for the burger and fries). Less expensive than Seashells but no view. DIned there twice, and one more good dinner there and it will be a favorite!

Zaka Art Cafe    457-1504

On the road to the volcano
Coffee, smoothies, some food   $ to $$

Mostly a place to get hand-carved masks, but reportedly some coffee and food items.

"Eat like a tourist" in Soufriere

These restaurants won’t fill your belly better than the local restaurants will, but they have better ambiance, more gourmet or international flair, and better presentation. Unless noted otherwise, they are affiliated with a resort and have a wine list and an well-stocked bar.


Dress codes are usually “Caribbean casual” – long pants, collared shirts and no flip flops for men; the same or dresses for women. (Bill wears washable linen button-down shirts and drawstring pants from with leather sandals.)

Anse Chastanet (Treehouse)   459-7000

Anse Chastanet resort
Various     $$-$$$$

Anse Chastanet offers two menus at their "Treehouse" restaurant - Emeralds (vegan), and Balawoo (international). Call for details as we haven't eaten there. Closed on Tuesday nights.

Bamboo    459-7545

South of Soufriere on the main highway [Fond Doux]
Caribbean     $$ to $$$

Vegetarian and Vegan options. Open for all three meals. Try lunch here after visiting the nearby Tet Paul Nature trail.

Bonté at Sugar Beach   456-8000

Jalousie Road [Sugar Beach]
"Tourist" food     $$ to $$$$

Open for lunch and dinner. IMO, they try to appeal to tourists with imported ingredients and don't succeed. Only four stars on TripAdvisor.

Cane Bar    456-8000

Jalousie Road [Sugar Beach]
Sushi, Bar     $$ to $$$

Asian-influenced food and cocktails. Sushi. Four stars on TripAdvisor with very few recent reviews.

Dasheene    459-6623

South of Soufriere on the main highway [Ladera]
Upscale Caribbean     $$$$

Some meals here have been excellent and others just ok. Sadly, they no longer accept patrons for just drinks and appetizers. Only four stars on TripAdvisor.

Jade Club    459-7000

Jade Mountain resort
Fine Dining     $$$$ to $$$$$

Reports are they accept a few non-hotel guests. I've been told there is a minimum of 4 people and a deposit may be required. Email with your request ("just drinks", "lunch", "dinner"). Some people say it's the best food on the island. We haven't tried it.

Jungle Grill

Anse Mamin Beach
Burgers and Appetizers     $$-$$$

Lunch noon to 3 pm. Supposedly great burgers, but expensive - around $28US for a burger and fries.

Mango Tree    459-7037

South of Soufriere on the main highway [Stonefield]
Upscale Caribbean     $$ to $$$

Open for all three meals. We've dined there twice and the food was inconsistent at the same meal.

Orlando's    459-5955

Bridge Street near Hummingbird
Upscale Caribbean     $$$

Not affiliated with a resort.
I wish I could recommend Orlando's, but it is very inconsistent, although the chef is talented and can make some brilliant food. The main complaints we hear are that the servings are very small (it's a tasting menu) and service can be poor and VERY slow.

The Pavilion at Caille Blanc   728-9353

Just down the hill from the villa
Upscale Caribbean/American     $$$$

Open to non-hotel guests for lunch and dinner Wed-Sun. We've dined there several times and had some inconsistent experiences but the food can be excellent. Make reservations through the website or call.

Rabot   572-9600

South of Soufriere on the main highway [Hotel Chocolate]
Upscale Caribbean     $$$$

Chocolate rules here, with some part of the cacao plant used in everything. Elegant outdoor setting. Tied with Treetop for our favorite upscale restaurant nearby.

Saltfish    459-7000

Green Fig resort
Caribbean, Grill     $$ to $$$

We ate here in late 2021. It's local food but presented nicely instead of family-style like Doxie does. Save your money and have Doxie cook for you instead, although they do have a full bar.

Saltwood    456-8000

Jalousie Road [Sugar Beach]
Contemporary Fine Dining     $$$$ to $$$$$

Fine dining targeting to meet international standards. Appears to be the most expensive restaurant in the area - budget $125US or more per person for dinner; more if you want a bottle of wine or several drinks. We've never tried it.

Treetop    487-8867

Crystals resort
Indian-Caribbean fusion     $$$

Fixed-price (I believe $70US per person) multi-course set menu with "homestyle" main courses (you may ask for seconds!). Price includes one welcome drink while you wait for your table. Wonderful atmosphere - like a Sultan's tent up in a tree. Tied with Rabot for our favorite upscale restaurant nearby.

Trou au Diable/Apsara   459-7000

Anse Chastanet beach
International and Indian cuisine     $$$-$$$$

Lunch appears tailored to their guests with a wide range of dishes. They offer two menus at night - "beach" grill and Indian ("Apsara"). Very few recent reviews on TripAdvisor. Closed to non-hotel guests on Tuesdays.

Harmony on Paradise Beach    724-9046

Paradise Beach ("Malgretoute") near the entrance to Sugar Beach resort
Caribbean, Grill     $$ to $$$

Decent local food at more reasonable prices than Dasheene/Rabot, etc. We always get the ribs and they are tasty and tender.

Other notable restaurants

Recommended restaurants in other parts of St Lucia

Amici    285-9290

Baywalk Mall, Rodney Bay
Italian; Pizzeria     $$ to $$$

If you are in Rodney Bay and don't want Indian, then this is our next choice. Brothers from Italy make excellent wood-fired pizza.

Cafe Ole    452-8726

Rodney Bay Marina, Gros Islet
Caribbean Grill     $ to $$

Cozy cafe with paninis and soup overlooking the Rodney Bay Marina. We stop here for lunch when we are running errands in the area and just want a quick and tasty lunch

Matthews Rooftop    458-0200

Baywalk Mall, Rodney Bay
Upscale International; Grill     $$-$$$

We had fajitas and oxtail the last time we were there and they were very good.

Jacques Waterfront Dining    458-1900

Just off Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay
French     $$$-$$$$

Wonderful food and reasonable prices for the quality of food served. The beef filet the seafood kabob with curry sauce were both excellent on a recent visit. BTW, it's pronounced "Jack's"

Pink Papaya    285-5115

Pointe Seraphine duty-free mall, Castries
Upscale Caribbean; Art Gallery     $-$$

A nice place to stop if you are tired and don't want to drive to The Pink Plantation, or just want a bite and a drink. Tasty mixed drinks and decent pizza. OK prices but you pay a bit for the convenience of the location in the duty-free mall.

Pink Plantation    452-5422

Chef Harry Drive, Castries
Upscale Caribbean; Art Gallery     $$-$$$

Open for lunch. Great views over the Castries Harbor matched by great food. Worth the drive up the hill if you are in Castries. Consistently good food in our experience.

Rituals    450-8592

Baywalk Mall, Rodney Bay
Coffeehouse/lunch-type food     $ to $$

I haven't tried their coffee, but my lunch of crispy chicken tenders with sweet chili-garlic sauce and fries was very good. Lemon pound cake was a delicious dessert!

Sea Salt 452-8732

Rodney Bay Marina, Gros Islet
Indian     $$

Lots of choices at this reasonably-priced casual restaurant. The goat cheese salad, coconut curry chicken or fish, and the Spicy Burger were all hits with us. The burger might be the best on the island! Our only disappointent was the steak - go to Jacques' Waterfront and get a filet if you want a good steak.

Spice of India 458-4243​

Baywalk Mall, Rodney Bay
Indian     $$-$$$

Literally our favorite restaurant anywhere! Gets TWO hearts from us. Don't miss this if you like Indian food and are in the area. Very consistent, unlike many St Lucian restaurants.