Villa Grand Piton

Sea Activities

Sea Activities

The Caribbean sea offers a lot of experiences

Please note that prices quoted were gathered in January 2020 from websites and may not be accurate for your visit. Drive times are approximate. Italics designate descriptions from websites or other reviewers’ comments.

Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers require the St Lucia area code of 758 if you are calling from outside St Lucia. 

We’ve used icons in the entries to indicate more information and have linked them to the appropriate site or action, as applicable.


beaches and snorkeling

All the beaches in St Lucia are public up to a point from the shore. If you go to a beach associated with a resort (such as Anse Chastanet), there are parts that belong to them and they have the right to restrict access. However, if they try to completely restrict you from the beach, tell them you know the beaches are public.

Unless otherwise noted, the snorkeling is accessible from the shore.

The line between public and private is not always well-marked, so if you are using our driver to get to the beach, you can ask him to help you get settled on the beach in the public section.

Anse Chastanet

Drive time from the villa: A little over 5 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. This is the closest beach. The walk from the villa is 25-30 minutes downhill, but back up can take a lot longer (the villa is at an elevation of 550 feet). There is ample parking before the entrance of the beach.

Affiliated with the Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain resorts, it has a beach bar, restaurant, scuba shop and boats, snorkel boats and a protected nature preserve for snorkelers. They have loungers, umbrellas and snorkel gear available for rent.
Snorkeling: The area to the left (when facing the ocean) is a protected marine reserve with a nice reef. We love to snorkel there – we see all kinds of fish, often see squid and eels, and particularly love to just float while huge schools of small silver fish circle around us. The snorkeling is easy – walk in from the beach or walk down the jetty and jump in, and the cove is protected. Please stay within the marked-off area – there is a lot of boat traffic, and the current gets strong once you go past the point.

Anse Mamin

Drive time from the villa: A little over 5 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. Less than a 10 minute walk past Anse Chastanet Beach.

To get there: go to Anse Chastanet beach, turn right, and walk all the way up the beach. Near the end of the beach, to your right, you’ll see some steps up and over a small waterway – take those and continue walking north on the trail that runs along the shore. In a few minutes, you will arrive at Anse Mamin.
Just a short walk past Anse Chastanet, Anse Mamin is much more isolated, peaceful and shady than Anse Chastanet. Affiliated with the Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain resorts, it has a beach bar and restaurant open during the middle of the day and loungers for rent. There are plantation ruins up the hill – ask at the scuba shop on Anse Chastanet beach if you want to mountain bike or hike through them.
Snorkeling: Snorkeling is around the dock between Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin, and around the rocks in the water.

Soufriere (Hummingbird) Beach

Drive time from the villa: A little over 5 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. This is almost as close as Anse Chastanet beach. It's at the near edge of Soufriere - you pass it on the way up to the villa.

Although it’s sometimes called the “Hummingbird beach” due to the proximity of the Hummingbird resort, the beach is not affiliated with the resort. There are new shops, restaurants and facilities here, as well as Action Adventure Divers (“Chester’s”) Dive Shop. The use of the washrooms is $1 EC (under 50 cents US
Snorkeling: Go to the north end of the beach and swim around the coastline.

Malgretoute Beach

Drive time from the villa: A little over 5 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1.
Located about 20 minutes from the villa on the road to Sugar Beach and just north of Petit Piton. Park just down the slight turnoff dirt road about 50 yards down from the bridge just before Martha's Table. Walk down toward the ocean/beach for about 5 mins.

This is a fairly isolated beach, and you may be the only people there. It is Malgretoute is also home to a rock face of petroglyphs north of the beach entrance, facing the jungle. There used to be a restaurant/bar on the beach, but we suggest you take your own refreshments just to be sure as it’s open only occasionally, if at all anymore.
Snorkeling: Malgretoute reportedly has very good snorkeling just off the shore.

Sugar Beach

Drive time from the villa: About 25 minutes.
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. Located to the south of Soufriere, between the Pitons. Look for the Sugar Beach signs on the main highway, turn off as indicated, and travel 5-10 minutes further and you’ll dead-end into the resort.

Affiliated with the Sugar Beach resort, it has a beach bar and restaurant, facilities, a scuba shop and a protected nature preserve for snorkelers. The beach sand has been imported, and is a white sand, unlike the rest of the beaches in St Lucia which are tan or black.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay a $50US per person “resort fee” to park and use the shuttles. It’s a long walk downhill and even longer back uphill if you don’t take the shuttles. However, the fee can be used as a credit for food or beverages and their restaurants are expensive, so it’s likely you’ll use up the $50 and perhaps more if you have lunch and a beverage or two. Loungers are also available for rent, at an additional fee.
One way to avoid the resort fee is to use a water taxi from Soufriere.The round-trip cost will be somewhere between $60 and $100US, depending on thenumber of people in our group.
There’s a portion of the beach to the right (when facing the water) that is earmarked for non-resort guests, and there are a few beach chairs there.
Snorkeling: The area to the right (when facing the water) is a protected marine reserve with a nice reef. The snorkeling is usually good here, too – we can’t decide whether Anse Chastanet or Sugar Beach has better snorkeling. And the view from the water – looking up at a Piton from its base – will make you want to just float and look at that and appreciate its majesty.

Devil’s Hole – snorkeling only

Drive time from the villa: from none if you walk to about 10 minutes if you take a water taxi from Soufriere.
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1 (unless you walk, of course).

Devil’s Hole is basically straight down from the villa and off to the north a little. The easiest way to get there is to have Junior or Doxie arrange a water taxi from Soufriere.
You can also walk there, but it’s a bit of a hike. John can help with the details. You walk down almost to the Anse Chastanet resort, but you cut off to the left of the road and down the hill shortly before you get to the resort. There is a little trail marked with rocks that takes you down the side of the hill to the small beach.

Anse L’Ivrogne

Drive time from the villa: Around 30 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 2. South of Gros Piton in a protected cove. You can’t drive all the way to the beach – park near “The View” restaurant in La pointe and walk the rest of way.

Anse L’lvrogne is a very natural beach. It’s a bit of a hike to get here, and the beach is pebbly. There are a couple of palapas and picnic tables on the beach, and a bar there that is not usually open. The beach is often used by some local fisherman for spear fishing and traditional fishing with nets and pots.
You can start the Gros Piton hike here if you want a real challenge. There is also a day-long experience here – the “Castaway Tour” offered by Zion Lion Farms where you experience life from a simpler time. Or you can explore the ruins of an 18th-century sugar plantation. There are reports you can also horseback ride here – contact us if you are interested and we’ll investigate this for you.
Snorkeling: The snorkeling is reportedly good here. The area has earned the nickname “Black Hole” due to the rapid drop-off to a depth of nearly 2000 ft, and this is a good spot for diving.


Drive time from the villa: Around 30 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 2. Just north of the fishing village of Choiseul

The only facilities are a few picnic tables near the beach. There is a light surf here, and you’ll probably be the only people there unless it’s a weekend when the locals gather an event.

Anse Cochon Beach

Drive time from the villa: About 35 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 2. At the Ti Kaye resort, just south of Anse La Raye.

Affiliated with the Ti Kaye resort, there are facilities available, although you may have to climb a number of stairs to reach most of them.
Snorkeling: The snorkeling is the draw for this beach and is often declared the best in St Lucia. The visibility is usually quite good. But you’ll get a lot of boats with tourists from the cruise ships (usually arriving in mid-late morning and staying for an hour or two), so you may have to go very early or late, compete with them, or simply wait for them to leave if you prefer to snorkel without bumping into other people.

Rudy John (Laborie) Beach

Drive time from the villa: About 40 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 2. About three-quarters of the way back to the Vieux Fort airport, in the small fishing village of Laborie.

The sand here is lighter than most of the other beaches on St Lucia, the water is very turquoise, and the beach is very sandy and not too rocky. There are a few picnic tables on the beach, and trees for shade. There are facilities nearby: a bar, a craft center, and a café. Although the beach is usually quiet during the week, it can get busy with locals on the weekend. There will not be many tourists here.
Snorkeling: The snorkeling is reportedly pretty good just off the beach just in front of the road. Go to the left (when facing the water) and swim around the backside of the coral.

Sandy Beach

Drive time from the villa: About 50 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Near the Vieux Fort airport in the south, Sandy Beach is on the Atlantic side of the island.

There are facilities here, including several restaurants and a facility for kite- and wind-surfing. The ocean is rougher here than on the Caribbean side of the island.

Honeymoon Beach

Drive time from the villa: Around 70 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Near to the southern tip of the island on the east side, over an hour from the villa. Follow the main highway to the airport and go past it a few minutes – near the Atlantic Riding Stables.

This beach is secluded and has a great name for those of you on your honeymoon! It is on the Atlantic side so the ocean is rougher than on the Caribbean side.

Vigie Beach

Drive time from the villa: Around 60-70 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Near the smaller airport in Castries.

This each is popular with the cruise ship passengers, as it’s within a short taxi ride or a long walk from their port. You can watch the small planes land and take off at the adjacent regional airport. Facilities include a walk-up bar and restaurant, chair and umbrella rental, and parking. Vendors are mentioned as being annoying more often than at most other beaches in St Lucia. The surf seems to be a little stronger than at most beaches.

Reduit Beach

Drive time from the villa: About 90 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Rodney Bay, almost all the way to the north of the island.

This is the main tourist beach on the island. There are numerous facilities in the area, including hotels, bars and restaurants, watersports, chair and umbrella rental and a small water park with inflatables.
Snorkeling: We’ve had some decent snorkeling on the far southern end of the bay. Since we were dropped off and picked up by a speedboat, we do not know if the snorkeling area is accessible from the shore, but you could probably get a water taxi to take you there.

Pigeon Island

Drive time from the villa: About 90 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. On the north side of Rodney Bay.

It's not worth a special trip just for this beach. But if you are spending the day in the north of the island and plan to spend part of it on Pigeon Island exploring the ruins, you can also spend a little time on a beach while you are on the island.
There are facilities on Pigeon Island, including bars and restaurants, washrooms, and chair and umbrella rental. You can also SNUBA here.
Snorkeling: There reportedly is decent snorkeling around the rock jetties that surround the beach.

underwater activities

There are numerous dive sites in St Lucia, from beginning to advanced. Most of them are in the south, near the villa. Since most of the sites are nearby, we’ve only listed the two nearby dive shops. We’ve also included SNUBA and Sea Trek. That’s only offered in the north, at Pigeon Island, about a 90-minute drive away.

SCUBA St Lucia 459-7755

Drive time from the villa: A little over 5 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. The south end of Anse Chastanet beach (just to the left as you enter the beach from the walkway).

Affiliated with the Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain resorts, SCUBA St Lucia is a National Geographic/PADI 5 Star Dive Resort and DAN (Divers Alert Network) Partners in Dive Safety facility. Founded in 1981, Scuba St.Lucia has established itself as one of the world’s top diving destinations. Scuba St.Lucia offers great diving and comprehensive facilities for divers of all levels. Perfectly set up for both beach and boat dives, Scuba St. Lucia offers guests gear storage; a well-equipped scuba store; three compressors; rental dive gear and an underwater Photo and Video center.
Do you want to experience the coral spawning? It’s been described as a snowfall that goes upward! You can at Anse Chastanet with SCUBA St Lucia. The best time to see it is early evening a week or two after a full August moon.

If night snorkeling is something you always wanted to do (I’ve done it on Bonaire – it’s incredible!), SCUBA St Lucia offers a guided night snorkel on Monday and Wednesday night.
The snorkeling boat travels out morning and afternoon every day except Sunday. We’ve heard the boats go to either the base of the Pitons (Sugar Beach/Anse de Pitons) or Anse Cochon (Ti Kaye). We suggest you take their boat trip to Anse Cochon but use our driver or a water taxi to go to Sugar Beach.
Although SCUBA St Lucia primarily caters to guests of Jade Mountain Resort and Anse Chastanet Resort, they welcome non-resident guests to dive with them, space permitting.

Action Adventure Divers 459-5599 (dive shop), 485-1317 (cell/WhatsApp)

Drive time from the villa: A little over 5 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. Hummingbird beach at the edge of Soufriere

Spanning over a decade of Dive experience exceeding three thousand dives (3000), under the guidance of our very own PADI Certified Dive Master; Chester Nathoniel, (Operations Manager) will make certain that all your dive requirements are met, to ensure the experience of a lifetime.
Action Adventure Divers (AAD) seek to provide you with the experience of a lifetime. To Live is To Dive is the honor which we represent and in light of that we wish to share with you all the joys of diving by giving you the necessary individual attention that you deserve. So whether you have dived the world over or have never dove before and want to, come visit us at Action Adventure Divers and remember . "To Live Is To Dive".

Also referred to as “Chester’s dive shop”. Located on Hummingbird Beach at the back of the hotel. Chester will let you put on the tank for an hour and be at your side training if you’re not certified.

Sea Adventures SNUBA and Sea Trek 453-4362 or 285-7354

Drive time from the villa: Around 90 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Pigeon Island National Park, north of Rodney Bay

SNUBA offers the best way to go beyond snorkeling without the responsibility or commitment of a deep dive. Our SNUBA and Sea Trek adventures are suitable for all ages, with no experience necessary.
Sea Adventures Inc. is St Lucia's leading underwater adventure tour operator. Based in Pigeon Island National Park the company operates two distinct activities - SNUBA and Sea Trek Helmet Diving. The tours require no prior experience and are suitable for the entire family!
Go beyond snorkeling with the SNUBA Adventure Tour, for which Sea Adventures was rated best in the world by SNUBA International. With no time consuming training you can experience the beauty of St Lucia’s marine life with absolute freedom and comfort.
The newly added Sea TREK helmet diving adventure has been an instant success; giving you the thrill of exploring underwater without getting your face or hair wet. Say hello to a seahorse and walk with a school of zebra fish– no swimming required! Fun for the whole family– ages 8+!


above-water activities

Do you prefer staying on top of the water? Then you are in luck as there are a lot of options nearby! Dolphin/whale-watching tour on a catamaran, deep-sea fishing, a day sail, a sunset sail and kayaking are all accessible within a few minutes’ drive. Further away, you can wind or kite surf, parasail, Hobie Cat or jet ski, or slip and slide and bounce around on a water park built with inflatables.

Mystic Man Boat Tours and Charter   1 (800) 401-9804; (758) 459-7783

Drive time from the villa: Less than 10 minutes, although leave more time than that if you are driving yourself, as parking can be difficult.
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. In Soufriere near the dock.

Mystic Man Tours offers a full range of ocean adventures on a fleet of eight well maintained vessels. Located in the picturesque town of Soufrière on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, the company has a reputation for excellent customer service at affordable prices.
Sailing is the best way to experience St. Lucia’s coastline. Mystic Man Tours offers Half and Full Day Sailing Excursions and Sunset Cruises aboard monohull yachts or sailing catamarans. Private Sailing charters, one of the company’s most requested services, are also offered on these vessels.
Soufrière boasts the best areas for Whale and Dolphin Watching. The deep waters are also favorable for deep-sea fishing and Mystic Man Tours offers some of the most competitive Sport Fishing Packages in St. Lucia. For a close-up look at the island’s coral reefs and marine life, Mystic Man has Snorkeling Excursions and Glassbottom Boat Tours in the protected Soufrière Marine Management Areas.

The boats depart and dock by the police station, although they may be able to pick you up at Anse Chastanet if you prefer – ask them about it. Check out their website for details on their tours and services. Since many of the tours only operate a few times a week, we recommend you contact them early before they fill up. We like the Sunset Cruise (Tuesdays and Fridays) that leaves at 4 pm and returns around 6:30 pm. Hors d’oeuvres and an open bar, with champagne at sunset, while sailing around the inner bay of the Pitons, make this a memorable evening.
Their whale and dolphin-spotting tour is another enjoyable choice. Loretta took the picture of the dolphins on this page while on the trip with them one day. The Mystic Man boat captains work closely with other vessels from the north of the island to provide passengers with a 90% chance of Dolphin and an 80% chance of Whale sightings.

Sugar Boat Charters   730-2007

Drive time from the villa: About 10 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 1. In Soufriere.

Sugar Boat Charters with Mario Justin at its helm is an up-and-coming tour company in Soufriere. In his mid-20’s, he’s been captaining boats for nearly 10 years. A few years ago, he was fortunate enough to meet a helpful couple that was visiting St Lucia that invested in him and a boat to get his business started, and things have gone well since.
Captain Mario and Lyndon Lamontagne will make your trip memorable! Our guests say good things about them.
From water taxi services to Rodney Bay to avoid the long drive, to snorkel tours and sunset sails, Mario can get you set up. Our driver, Junior, can help you book something with Mario if you haven’t set something up by the time you arrive.
He does not have a catamaran. He’s getting a water taxi boat soon, but right now has the large speedboat “Sugar and Spice” which I have seen several times.

Mario has a special five-hour tour for our guests for $650US (I believe the price is good for up to six people, but please ask us to confirm pricing if necessary):
Private Half Day
* Pick up from Soufriere jetty at 10 am
* Visit the bat cave, then after cruise down between the Pitons
* Cruise up the beautiful west coast in style and comfort
* See some of the island’s historical fishing villages
* Browse into Marigot Bay (lunch option – extra cost) and love tunnel
* Visit Castries city (shopping and sightseeing if interested )
* If time permits explore some of the secluded beaches along our picturesque west coast
Included: water, local beer and sodas; snorkel gear and beach noodles

His price for water-taxi services from Soufriere to Sugar Beach is $70 for a couple, and $20 per person for four people or more.

The Reef Kite + Surf   454-3418

Drive time from the villa: About 50 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Sandy Beach in Vieux Fort, near the airport.

Welcome to St Lucia's first established kitesurfing school at the Reef, near the Vieux Fort airport. Our surf school was set up back in 1994 to teach windsurfing and to offer Caribbean vacation packages with top-notch service and equipment. We introduced kitesurfing to St Lucia in 2002 and have not looked back since. Now you too can join us to share our passion for this exciting sport at Sandy Beach (Anse de Sables) in Vieux Fort, one of the most sought-after Caribbean kitesurfing locations.
You can take a lesson (or several), or just rent equipment if you are experienced. The prices are posted on their website. We recommend you contact them to verify the prices and their opening hours – websites aren’t always updated and businesses don’t always follow their posted opening hours.
There is also a restaurant/bar here, and some of our guests stop here on the way to the villa from the airport. If you’re interested in kite or wind-surfing during your stay, we highly recommend you stop after leaving the airport and talk over your plans with the staff, and stay a few minutes to watch the folks kitesurfing already.

Kitesurfing St Lucia   714-9589

Drive time from the villa: About 90 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Cas En Bas Beach at the northern end of the island.

The company was set up in 2005 by local rider Beth. "Kitesurfing has given me so much enjoyment over the past few years, I want to share this with people and show them how to learn this amazing sport". Having discovered this idyllic beach and pioneered kitesurfing here in the north of the island, our teaching methods are bringing together all of our experience and knowledge of the sport to give you the highest quality and professional tuition on the latest equipment. Kitesurfing is our passion, and it won’t take you long to realize this. Learning to kitesurf in a relaxed atmosphere is important, and there is nowhere better than a warm beautiful Caribbean beach.
Whether you’re a beginner or already know how to kitesurf, we have lessons to cater for your needs. Learn to fly a power kite and body drag in the 2 hour Discover Kitesurfing. Our Jetski Assisted lessons provide you with instant feedback while you are on the water to help with your learning progression, and also save the walk back upwind on the beach, giving you more time flying the kite and riding.
Are you learning to get up on a board? Is going upwind a problem? Want to learn to gybe? Can’t land your jumps? Do you have problems water relaunching? Want to learn advanced tricks? No worries, our Private Lessons can cater to your every need to help with your progress

Watersports at The Windjammer Landing   1-877-522-0722

Drive time from the villa: About 75-85 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. In Castries.

We frequently stay at the Windjammer (we own a timeshare there), and their watersports center offers numerous water sports: windsurfing, pedal boating, paddle boarding, tube rides, snorkeling, kayaking, Hobie Cat sailing, kneeboarding, waterskiing, and wakeboarding.
We believe you can purchase a day pass and get access to many of their watersports activities, although some may require an additional fee. Contact us for assistance if you want to do this, and we’ll try to help

Splash Island Water Park   457-8532 or 457-8533

Drive time from the villa: About 90 minutes
Driver Zone and Location: Zone 3. Rodney Bay, almost all the way to the north of the island.

The Caribbean's Wettest & Wildest Attraction! Located on the Northwest coast of St. Lucia, on the popular Reduit Beach, Splash Island is the Caribbean's first open-water sports park. Newly opened in August 2015, Splash Island is located near the multi-award-winning Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa located in Rodney Bay Village, Gros Islet, St. Lucia.
Kids, families and weekend warriors alike will delight in this Caribbean water park's many obstacle-course style features. Splash Island St. Lucia's features include a trampoline, climbing wall, monkey bars, a swing, a slide, hurdles, double rocker, flip, and water volleyball.
The water park is in compliance with the strictest of European safety requirements (EN 15649) and testing related to materials and performance. The Water Park is staffed by a team of certified lifeguards. All users of the water park (who must be 6 years of age and older and 3 1/2 feet tall) will be required to wear life vests irrespective of their swimming abilities.

Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm every day

Prices: Hourly Pass (per hour) - US$11.30 ($13 taxes included)
Half Day Pass (4.5 hours) - US$30.00 ($34.50 taxes included)
Full Day Pass (9 hours) - US$50.00 ($57.50 taxes included)

PACKAGES Half Day Pass with Lunch and Drink - US$50.00 ($57.50 taxes included)
Full Day Pass with Lunch, Snack, 2 Drinks and Beach Chair - US$80.00 ($92 taxes included)

Ready to book or have a question?