Villa Grand Piton

VR or Hotel

Are we a hotel?

Are we a vacation rental or a private hotel? We’ll let you decide.
Here’s a comparison between us and a nearby resort.

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Category Villa Grand Piton Resort
Housekeeping services included
Free Wifi ✔ including Alexa
Concierge services
Around-the-clock staff
Utilities included in rate
Personal toiletries provided
Coffee maker and refrigerator
Complimentary bottled water
Complimentary use of snorkel equipment, beach towels, beach chairs and umbrellas
On-site spa services ✔ Massage or hair styling ✔ Full spa services with on-site dedicated spa
Laundry or washer/dryer ✔ Washer/dryer use. No charge ✔ Laundry services for a fee
TV/Movies ✔ Several TVs, Netflix, Amazon Prime and extensive movie library
Panoramic views of Pitons and sunsets over the Caribbean ✔ Not in the least expensive rooms
Located just a few minutes outside Soufriere
Located on beach ❌ But only a 6-8 minute drive away ✔ Only some rooms on the beach.
Children ages five and up allowed ✔ Unsuitable for very young children ✔ But children under 10 are not allowed for most of the year
Restaurant ❌ But cooking services are available for a modest fee ✔ Several
Breakfast and dinner meal plan* ✔ $35 US per person per day; pay only for meals you request to have made ✔ $90 to $100 US per person per day; purchase for entire stay. No credit for meals eaten offsite
Room size Nearly 4,000/over 5,000 sq ft (covered/total living) 350-750 sq ft per room
Air conditioning ** ✔ Bedrooms only ✔ Only in some rooms
Rooms close securely ✔ Doors open up for views but deadbolt into floors and frames for security ✔ Some rooms lack fourth wall; others have partial or full wooden-louvered walls
Secluded? ✔ Built on the top ridge of a steep hill with one villa next door; separated by thick vegetation ❌ Many people around. Open-air rooms aren't soundproof; rooms may have common walls.
Cost per night, 4 people, high season ➀ $850 US $1,300 US for least expensive rooms. $2,500 US for rooms with views similar to Villa Grand Piton. $3,500 US, depending on room class
Cost per night, 4 people, low season ➁ $500 US $750 to $1,900 US depending on room class

*   Villa Grand Piton meal plan prices are valid as of January 5, 2020.  Details and restrictions are available on our “Food” page.

**   Air-conditioning in open-air structures, such as Villa Grand Piton and other open rooms at hotels, cannot cool a room nearly as well as in a typical home. Air conditioning is designed to blow cool air on the bed to make sleeping a little more comfortable.

➀  On-line price quote as of January 5, 2020 for a seven-night stay in January 2021.  Price is for two rooms at nearby resort with no meals included.

➁  On-line price quote as of January 5, 2020 for a seven-night stay in September 2020