Land Activities

Lots of outdoor activities in St Lucia don’t involve the sea or the beach

Enjoy St Lucia's incredible land activities

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Gardens and walks

The vegetation in St Lucia is stunning – from the bananas with their huge glossy-green leaves, to the fiery-red flowers of the flamboyant tree, to brilliant bougainvillea – everywhere you go, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of tropical plants.

And the scenery isn’t bad, either! Mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, villages, far-away islands – all easy to see almost anywhere you go. We’ve gathered some of the most popular “easy” strolls and walks – no strenuous hiking or climbing required! 

Volcanos, baths and waterfalls

Enjoy water but prefer it in smaller doses than the great blue oceans? Then you may enjoy the visiting one of the numerous waterfalls in St Lucia.

The volcano is world-famous (don’t worry, it’s not active) and has black mud-baths that are reputed to be great for your skin.

Are you achy from climbing Gros Piton mountain? Soak in the mineral springs to relax.

Education and history

Get a little education while you spend your vacation in paradise.  Go through plantation ruins nearby at Anse Mamin, or head up to the north to climb Signal Peak on Pigeon Island and learn about the history of St Lucia (and why they speak a local dialect that’s a mix of French and English).

Learn how they make chocolate, how life was for St Lucians two hundred years ago, or hear about the life of Derek Walcott,  one of two Nobel laureates that came from St Lucia.

"Stairway to Heaven" at Tet Pal Nature Trail


High adventure

Do you crave heights? Love to climb mountains? Thrill to ziplining? Or want a hike that gives you a good workout and rewards you with cool waterfalls for your efforts? We’ve got all of that in St Lucia, with most of it near the villa.

Things with wheels; horses; helicopters; trams

How about riding something for your adventure? Put your helmet on and let’s go! ATV rides through the rainforest, mountain biking, horseback riding, or take a tour through the hills on a Segway.


Bird-watching, rare and endangered species, dolphins, whales and horses!