Other Activities

Not everything in St Lucia is outdoors

Enjoy a massage, something educational, or some shopping

Even if you aren’t the outdoorsy-type, there are things to do in St Lucia. Shopping, spas, arts, tours – you don’t have to exert yourself and put on hiking shoes or a SCUBA tank to enjoy your stay.

Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers require the St Lucia area code of 758 if you are calling from outside St Lucia.

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There are several places in Soufriere where you can get necessities, such as groceries and sunscreen.

For duty-free shopping, bring identification and a way to confirm your departing flight. The airport has some duty-free shops after you go through security. Remember, if you buy liquids at the duty-free shops in the airport, you may carry them on the flight from St Lucia but you will have to pack them in your checked luggage between flights if you have a connecting flight.


Whether you have our masseuse come to the villa, or go to a resort and use their facilities, we can’t think of a better way to enhance the serenity of a vacation at Villa Grand Piton than getting a massage.

If you prefer to enjoy the serenity of the villa while you get a massage, there is a local masseuse that will bring her portable table and other equipment to the villa and give you a massage. If you wish, she can bring a second masseuse and they can perform a couple’s massage. Doxie can arrange this.

Everything else

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, here are the activities that just didn’t fit well anywhere else in our guide:

✦  Churches

✦  Art galleries

✦  Rum distillery tour

✦  Day trips to other islands

✦  Golf